Zuschrift aus Kanada

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By Briards aus dem Barnimer Land

Ich möchte hier, stellvertretend für viele andere aus dem Ausland, noch eine Zuschrift zitieren, die neben aller emotionalen Diskussion belegt, warum es sinnvoll ist, Nicht-FCI-Zuchten in der Datenbank zu führen.

Dear Host,

To learn of the current situation in regards to removing non FCI breeders from the data base is disconcerting. More importantly, it would deny access to this invaluable tool for many of us who are avid researches in pedigrees and have a genuine interest in maintaining the originality of the Briard.

Having owned, bred and shown Briards for the past 40 years in Canada under the Beardsanbrow kennel name, your service allows myself access to pedigrees on dogs that I am looking for my future in this Breed. As I do not travel overseas a lot, I need this service to track potential sires and offspring. To deny non FCI Breeders from this service would not be in the best interest of the Breed. There are many non FCI breeders who recognize the origin and original attributes of our Breed regardless of the country in which we reside. We should not be denied.

Kindest regards,

Janis Charbonneau, Beardsanbrow Briards (since 1968), Canada