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There will be changes at the access to the Briard Pedigree after the 1.11.2008. The database will only be accessible to a closed user group as of this day. This means that the use requires a registration first. The registration is carried out via the registration page of TEDESCA.NET. As soon as you have received your password, you can log in with this password and have full access to the functions of the database.

But I am already registered as a user

Assigned passwords remain valid. This means that there will be almost no change for you provided that you are already a user of the database. The only difference is that you must log in before you can use the database. Clicking on the word Login! in the header row of any page is the easiest way to log in.

The database uses so-called cookies to recognize recurring users. Provided that you did not choose to automatically delete your browser's cookies and the Internet server of the database recognizes your cookie you will be logged in again automatically when you return from previous visits.

I have put links from my page to pedigrees in the database

We are pleased about every link on our pages. Please take the following into account:

  1. Links to the initial page of the database in the form can remain unchanged.

  2. There is a number of links directly to pedigree pages. These links should be changed as follows so that the visitors of your site can see the pedigree without having to log in:
    Till now:
    (This is an example. Please adjust the numeric string Italic[46966] according to the previous link.)

  3. There are some links directly to kennel profiles. These links should be changed as follows so that the visitors of your site can access it without having to log in:
    Till now:

Does this cost money in future?

No! The Briard Pedigree is a noncommercial information service. The registration as well as the use of the database are and remain free of charge. Prerequisite for granting access is that you have a special interest in the Berger de Brie breed - for example because you are a breeder, you are active in dog sports and training, you have a scientific or other grave interest.

Why is this necessary?

The database is primarily made for insiders who have experience with dogs and look for information from breeding, scientific or other grave interest. Many evaluations of the database (for example genetic analyses or reverse pedigrees) were accessible for registered users only right from the beginning.

To provide a picture as complete as possible about the breed, Briards both from within and outside the FCI breed are included in the database. Doubts were expressed from circles of the German FCI breeders that users of the database could not qualifiedly distinguish between FCI and non-FCI breeds in the database. To approach these doubts, we reduce access to the database even more strictly than before on the special audience with which we can presuppose qualified dealing with the information.