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Von Briards aus dem Barnimer Land

As of December 2007, the Database has several hundred of registered users and countless guest visitors. As much as 30.000 enquiries per month show that this information resource is valuable and enjoyable for many Briard fanciers. We want to keep this up.

The breed of the German clubs BCD and CfH is regularly registered in the Database as the stud books arrive. The breed outside Germany is somewhat falling behind. Therefore we want to invest more time in future to intensify the registration of the European and world-wide breed.

It would be a very valuable help for us if you could provide us with current information about the Briard breed outside Germany. This could be electronic or paper copies of stud books, lists of litters or any other relevant documents.

At least following information has to be included:

  • name of bith and stud dog
  • kennel name (as registered with the F.C.I.)
  • names, gender and colour of the puppies

Following information is usually available, too, and will be recognised:

  • day of birth
  • stud book numbers of the puppies and issuing breeding club
  • HD results of the parents

You can send us information in the following ways:
1. email to bez@tedesca.net
2. facsimile to +49 (30) 944 19353
3. letter to Thomas Bez, Bochumer Strasse 6, 16341 Schwanebeck, Germany

When you send us paper copies, please let is know if you want to have them back.

If you agree we would like to mention you with a link to your Internet pages to thank you for your support.


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